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Fast Freddie's Lexan Roadster Windshield

Unbreakable, Bulletproof, Crystal Clear, Abrasion Resistant, 13lb Weight Reduction...  What more can you ask for?

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Are you getting annoyed at having to replace your cracked FFR Roadster's glass windshield?  We were!  So how about the only solution to put an end to that misery with our CNC machined Lexan MR-10 windshields.  Lexan MR-10 is an advanced type of plastic that is truly unbreakable for safety.  It is National Transportation Safety Board approved and widely used in many window applications including airplane windows, marine hatches, eyeglasses, face shields, and architectural windows.  Oh yeah, and NHRA, IHRA, SCCA, and NASCAR use them as well!  Our Lexan MR-10 is crystal clear and uses the latest technology specially coated polycarbonate to offer enhanced durability, scratch resistance and UV protection from the elements.  Do not mistake this product with the generic lexans, polycarbonates, or plexiglasses which can scratch easily and turn a yellowish hue with prolonged sun exposure. 

Additionally, if you are looking to save a little weight these windshields offer a 13lb reduction over the stock FFR glass as well.

Our windshields include new weather-stripping material, detailed installation instructions, installation tools, and we've even thrown in some of those pesky little FFR windshield frame screws that are so easy to misplace. 

Note: Windshield frame is not included.


Installation Instructions 


This product was specifically produced for a Factory Five Racing AC Cobra Roadster Replica; however, the windshield is cut to original specifications, allowing this shield to fit most AC Cobra Roadster Replica applications.  So if your Roadster Replica shield was modeled from original specifications, this product will work.  This shield will not fit a Superformance Roadster Replica directly (as their windshields have a slightly different design from the original); although, we have had customers with Superformance Roadsters trim our lexan shield to make work for their application. 

After selling this product for over 8 years to the countless Cobra Replica brands out there, the only other Cobra Replica we have found where this product will not work is with the ERA models.  Unlike the Superformance Roadsters, the shield cannot be modified to fit an ERA.

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